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What We Do

About Hope Aid

Hope Aid is focused on social development as her main pillar focusing mainly on the course of women with our Garissa programme as our flagship.

In social development, Hope Aid intervenes on the following carefully select areas :

1. Women rights and empowerment

We see woman as the backbone of our communities and the key dependency to their social economical and entrepreneurial aspirations. To create meaningful change in the communities, the course of women is a critical success factors and must be given due consideration.

2. Child development, coaching and mentorship

We at Hope Aid place the future of the communities that we serve in the hands of our children and the youth. Besides equal rights, peace and justice, a critical component for a peaceful co-existence for the future is “hope.” Hope is best manifest by education. Hope Aid seeks to envision and enable our young people recognizing that the only known equalizer from an African context, offering equal opportunity for all is Education.

Hope Aid is committed to giving hope to the less fortunate in the future through her programmes.  Hope Aid believes in the emancipation of women, children and the youth and seeks to uphold children rights through advancing, advocating and allowing children to wilfully express themselves and their fears to stimulate change. Hope Aid will therefore include Education in its social programmes through sponsorships in secondary level education to counter extremism, terrorism and give the Somali and Kibera child a chance.

To consolidate and entrench our programmes and to create impact and ensure sustainability, Hope Aid enrich her social development with economic and entrepreneurial interventions including the sensitization on matters politics and how politics impacts their lives through governance and leadership. Hope Aid engages on environmental and health related solutions to further provide impetus to her social services interventions. These will include sexual reproductive health, nutrition, HIV and Aids and Cancer screening and management.

3. Building a sustainable future

Hope Aid will endeavor to improve household food security through promo-tion of appropriate farming techniques and capacity building in livestock production and marketing working with our network and partners and government agencies.

The mission for the youth and women is to improve existing businesses, support startups and develop sustainable sources of income among them as business people, entrepreneurs and farmers. HAO will establish a Training Center for Community Development.

  • Work readiness programmes
  • Waste management
  • Development of new business ventures
  • Financial Literacy and Management
  • Promoting Innovation

4. Political Intervention

On governance, democracy and peace, HAO will work with partners that promote good governance, democracy and cohesion bringing accountability-ty to expenditures in county governments. Working with faith based organizations and other CBOs, HAO will consult and disseminate information and implement appropriate programmes working with County and National governments.

  • Leadership and Governance
  • Peace Building
  • Advocacy for civil rights

5. Health Programmes

  • Nutrition
  • HIV Aids and Management
  • Cancer Screening and Management
  • Primary Health Care
  • Sanitation

6. Environmental Programmes

Hope Aid places a lot of emphasis on environmental conversations through waste management, afforestation and water management. We believe our Environment is our inheritance with the responsibility to bequeath the future generation a safe and habitable environment. This has far reaching implications on our economic programme.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction by providing a “Know Disaster – No Disaster” for protection against extreme climate Change Impacts through disaster preparedness, prevention and mitigation integrated into national development.
  • HAO will bring awareness and apply concerted in conserving the natural environment and ecosystems both at the local and national levels. We will pursue use of green cooking energy and promote energy saving devices.

Evolving Social Enterprises

Hope Aid incubates social enterprise through the development of innovative ideas and collabration with investors to fund viable projects without undermining Hope Aid humanitarian values and identity.

How to Donate

Hope Aid has 4 core programmes where we invite philanthropists and aid agencies to pick an area of interest for support. The programmes detail the scope of our work, the expected impact and benefits to the community.

Please click the button below and select your chosen area of support and we shall channel such resources as directed. By donating you are fuelling our social, economic, political and health intervention in furtherance of our mission towards humanity.

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